Pouring Sound

Nikhil Mangla, Syed Wajahat Karim, Andrew Hainen


Our project focuses on transforming how we treat audio and sound, from being audible and intangible, and translating it into a physical object that can be moved, contained, and mixed together.  The user is presented with two pitchers, in which they can fill them with sound, and move them between pitchers.  Curiosity takes over upon overflowing the pitchers with different unique sounds and creations.  Pour the sound out of the pitchers on the floor to forever lose the creation.


A video of the working piece in the Duderstadt Gallery. (HD Video coming soon, problems with embedding)

Pouring Sound Video MP4


After observing our project we noticed a few things that were great and some things that needed work.

  • People were intrigued when they walked up, but our instructions weren’t as good as they could have been.  After I showed people how to use it, they got it, but only a few people understood it right away.
  • The lighting was a very sensitive issue and had to be monitored often.
  • The Bluetooth died after about 6 hours and had to be charged.
  • People were excited about it, but the project immediately inspired endless “Wouldn’t it be cool if the cups could…”

It was well received and worked how we intended, but left a large yearning for more things that could be done, or authenticity in where the sound actually was being produced.

(HD Video and more photos later, it’s been a long week.)


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