/BIN/ART: A Collection of Work


Pouring Sounds
This project focuses on transforming how we treat audio and sound, from being audible and intangible, and translating it into a physical object that can be moved, contained, and mixed together. The user is presented with two pitchers, in which they can fill them with sound, and move them between pitchers. Pour the sound out of the pitchers on the floor to forever lose the creation.
Pouring Sounds
Rehaiku is a piece that explores the fusing of two very different forms of expression.
Haiku is a form of poetry dating from ancient Japan. It is known for its strict structure and visual imagery.
Twitter is a massively popular information-sharing network, known for its immediacy, short length limits and its lack of meaningful content.
By merging these two we are hoping to explore their contrast.
Digital Genesis
Digital Genesis seeks to model and create virtual life forms that react to external stimuli. The viewers are invited to place and move physical blocks onto the digital environment, which provide light and water sources, nests and environmental effects. The system reacts and evolves as creatures and plants live, pass on genes, and die, creating an ever-changing and thriving ecosystem in a virtual world.

Audio Wall
Audio Wall is a Microsoft Kinect powered interactive space that allows the user to produce and play with music using only their body. Once the user enters the Audio Wall environment the motions of their limbs, torso, and head trigger the production of specific sounds.
Hands Free Super Three
Our project utilizes computer vision techniques to present three classically themed games played hands free (sans controller)! The main menu displays options to select a game by waving your hands or other appendages over one of the three buttons.
Main Menu for 'Hands Free Super Three'

Main Menu for 'Hands Free Super Three'

Inside Out
An internal rhythm on an external article? This could be interesting.
Something personal and intimate, shown externally. We became obsessed with the heart beat: a silent rhythm, an intimate pulse, and we wanted to create a visual of this using fabric and fashion.
Inside Out is a garment which runs from one’s heartbeat and illuminates this personal rhythm outwardly.
This project is meant to explore an aspect of surveillance in modern society. The room reacts to the subject’s actions in a way that is meant to maintain his ignorance of the content being displayed.
The Beckoner
A wooden hand mannequin fit with a couple servos, fishing line, rubber bands, a microcontroller, and a webcam – The Beckoner is a interactive installation that sits at the entrance to our gallery space. When The Beckoner sees company walk near the gallery, it taps on the glass, trying to gather their attention.
Music Sequencer
The 8-bit sequencer is a self-contained Arduino-powered music sequencer. Sounds are selected and sequenced using an array of buttons on the main panel. We aim to showcase the sonic capabilities of the Arduino in a way that is as interactive as possible.

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