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Stasisfield: experimental audio and visual art (and a lot of free CDs for download)

Fernanda B. Viegas

Interesting projects and some of them in the scope of the class.

The Jedermann Project

A perfect example of artwork whose underlying technology is very simple, definitely within the scope of the class, but where the output is meant to be provocative (especially see projects 2 and 3 on the website). Satinder

Osman Khan’s Arctic Trip

Story on Osman’s Arctic Trip with pictures and a video. Osman will be giving a talk about his trip at Conor O’Neill’s Traditional Irish Pub between 5:30 – 7:30 on October 20th and at an exhibition in Croatia in March 2011.

Videoplace (1972-1990) by Myron Krueger

Videoplace Myron Krueger Two people in different rooms, each containing a projection screen and a video camera, were able to communicate through their projected images in a «shared space» on the screen. No computer was involved in the first Environment in 1975. In order to realize his ideas of an «artificial reality» he [Krueger] [...]