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Animate Punching Bag

This project is intended to explore what happens when an inanimate object that’s usually physically abused is given a voice and personality. A pressure sensor and accelerometer are installed in a standard punching bag and connected to a computer, which registers when and how the bag is touched or hit. To provoke and respond to [...]

Exercise 1 – The Sandbox

My concept is an upright frame with numerous colours of particles displayed in a monitor encased in the frame. As an object moves in front of it, it detects the edges of the object and simulates the motion of the fluid as though that object was moving the fluid, which is made visible due to [...]

Exercise 1 – eXHIBIT

Museums have housed priceless works of art for centuries but museum patrons have always been far removed from the artifacts themselves, for the sake of preservation.  In particular, ancient Egyptian human mummies are often stowed away in a dark corner of a museum in an attempt to both preserve and respect the deceased.  However, more [...]

Exercise 1 – Creating Weather Phenomena

My concept integrates computer science, art and meteorology.  The project would be a surface or touch screen of some sort that allows the user to define some number of climate variables to witness the resulting weather patterns.  The art would be expressed as the visualization of the meteorological phenomena.   Basically, the user defines aspects of [...]

Interacting with Virtual Entities in a Real Setting

I wanted to explore the large number of possible forms of enabling interaction between the virual and real world using only cameras and projected images. This seemed like a good venue to get feedback and generate more ideas in other ppl’s minds… The general setup would be to have a camera facing the projection screen/wall [...]

Exercise 1

The concept I have in mind is one that combines queried data with fractal patterns. It essentially creates a visualization for any movie or song you query in a database. Take movies for an example: a user would query a movie name. Next, the program would procure a list of names from the cast for [...]

Exercise #1: Permanent Tweets

As we advance to a more digital society our thoughts, data, and information becomes less tangible and less permanent.  Social networking sites, like Twitter, limit writing to 140 characters, which further limits the impact that these ideas have on us. A computer would be constantly taking incoming tweets from a public feed, processing them into a vector file, [...]

Exercise 1


I am very interested in food. Both the nutritional aspect and the actual growing/production aspect of it. I am interested in the ingredients and the attitudes towards food, and intrigued by how, what, where, why and when we eat. One interesting idea would be to look at the ingredients in food. Not separately from the [...]

Exercise 1 – Poker Visualizing

Joe Mitchell EECS 498-007 September 9, 2010 Homework 1 Concept for Conceptual Art Project My idea for a conceptual art project would be to take aggregate data generated by online poker games to provide an interesting input for a visual product.  Online poker is particularly interesting in that much of the data, specifically the hands [...]