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Frenetic Type

This is my belated submission for Exercise 2, on which I had originally planned something much larger, fancier, and clearly more ambitious. When the user presses a key, its corresponding letter is displayed as a grossly rasterized version of itself, and then jostles around by constantly redefining random coordinates in a certain span. This behavior [...]

E2 – Parse text, Output HTML

My program takes a URL for a novel, parses the text from the HTML file. Then I gave it a set of “happy words” and “sad words” which it looks for in the text. It rates novels based on the ratio of happy words to sad words. I used proHTML and controlP5 libraries. Something about [...]

Alternate Exercise 2 / Project Ideas

Wanted to put up some other plans that I didn’t get to explore to help with general brainstorming… 1. You as your history : This would be a very personal applet. The applet would be loaded from a general website, but would provide very personalized output in the following way (need to ensure the security [...]

Excercise 2 – Yang Gao – News Map

This project listens to 6 BBC news feeds to populate a world map, which is initially has all countries filled black. Then, as news comes in, the country named in the news headline/description will be colored according to region. As the news is not updated very frequently, this project’s results can only be seen on [...]

Exercise 2 – Music Visualizer

My project was to transform audio into animation–a music visualizer in essence. To do interesting things with the music, I first broke it down into a couple components using the library Minim[1] (which is sweet, by the way): Actual time-domain samples directly from the mp3. Drum kicks and snare hits (detected by looking for “beats” [...]

ex2 Craigslist Personals to Speech

the applet working online at: and the pde is located @ — grab the rita-tts, romefeeder libs as well. it turns out that .jar files needed to be signed (via jarsigner & keytool) because the applet accesses another server (I’ve since learned that this process would also be necessary if an applet accesses [...]

Ex2 – Mic In -> Dancing Bear Out

For the IBBO exercise I utilized microphone input to trigger an animation. ┬áThe microphone input is first rendered in waveforms like the example GetLineIn under Minim. The waveforms are rendered again similar to the example on the Processing website under “Quick Start” called Drawing a Frequency Spectrum. ┬áThese examples were modified to enhance the color [...]

Exercise 2 – Pong

For this exercise I made a pong game where the paddles are controlled by motion captured by the webcam. The video demonstrates me playing against myself, but it can easily be played by two people. I adapted the background subtraction algorithm posted here: I modified it so that the sketch does background subtraction on [...]

PathMemory (for symbols, text, drawings)

PathMemory is an exercise that adds an interesting twist to the concept of machine learning for symbol recognition. Built on top of OpenGL graphics library (using the yellowtail example as a starting point), the app lets you draw a number of (single pen-stroke) symbols/shapes as examples and (after pressing ‘m’ for morphing mode), lets you [...]

Sound to Blog (Work In Progress)

So, I tried and tried this weekend to get my project working, but ran into some trouble. The goal was:

1. Clap
2. Processing registers that clap and deducts 1 from a counter
3. Processing sends that number to a WordPress blog.

Essentially, I could then have something that people could go on to a site, and deduct something from and the world could see. This could be implemented in some sort of way showing diminishing resources (of sound?) Not entirely sure, just want to get it working.