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Exercise 1

It would be really interesting if face detection was used to create a musical piece.  As someone approaches a camera, according to how big their face is (depth related) and to where it is positioned in the feed, different notes are played.  As more people enter the area and look at the camera, a variety [...]

Kinect Air Guitar

Air Guitar prototype with Kinect from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo.

Invitation text and artwork

Dear Friends, Please join us at the Duderstadt Gallery, Thursday 16th of December 4-6PM for the opening reception for : /bin/art A Collection of Work from Adaptive Art. The exhibition showcases 8 student projects developed during the Adaptive Art course. The course, co-taught by Professor Satinder Baveja (CSE) and Assistant Professor Osman Khan (A&D) focused [...]

Hands Free Super Three

by Joe Mitchell, Landon Smith, and Stephanie Boxold. Hands Free Super Three utilizes computer vision techniques to present three classically themed games played hands free (sans controller)!  The main menu displays options to select a game by waving your hands or other appendages over one of the three buttons.  Using the open source computer vision [...]

Text 2.0 Cool Stuff.

Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects

Muscle Twitch Music

Video with muscle stimulation based around music.

Interesting NY Times article

Project 2: Reddit Rater

Project 2 – Reddit Rater Yang Gao, Joshua Wehrly, Stephen Wishnousky 1. Concept: Reddit is a social news aggregation site that allows it’s users to submit articles which are voted on by the community. The posts with the highest rating is displayed prominently and posts with lower ratings displayed less prominently. These ratings are usually [...]

Project 2 – Twitter Haiku

Project 2 – Twitter Haikus Adam Kidder, Kevin Shih, Cassandra Yaple I.  Conceptual Overview: This project aims to create art by challenging one of the deepest forms of poetic expression with what is considered one of the most pointed, shallow forms of communication on the web.  By creating haikus computationally with machine learning algorithms we [...]