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Project 1 Proposal – Finding Your Neighbors

Group members: Matthew Conlen, Michael Gisi, Lauren Korany For project 1 we would like to explore the concept of a place of origin, and its relationship with its neighbors. If we think of the earth as a two-dimensional plane, classically, we think of neighbors as those places with the smallest Euclidean distance from the origin. [...]

Project 1 – Taking the Place Out

Taking the Place Out of the Picture… The concept for this project is to take a live webcam feed and extract the differences between sequential frames and combine many of the resulting images as a representation of the flow or pulse of the place.  The specific webcam in mind overlooks the Diag at N. University [...]

Project 1 Proposal

Project 1 Alyssa Ackerman, Andy Kish, and Ben English explore Michigan through a compelling data set (store closures, home foreclosures, news articles, climate information) to transform a low resolution map of Michigan into an extremely detailed, high resolution one.

Project 1 Proposal: Michigan Music

Andrew Hainen Syed Wajahat Karim Nikhil Mangla Adaptive Art Project Proposal Idea: Our idea is to compare the top 10 music lists between North Campus and Central Campus.  Our idea is to install a stereo with line-in in Pierpont and Angell Hall, completely independent from one another. From there, people can plug in their iPod, [...]

Project 1 Proposal – What Michigan Is Made Of

EECS498_proj1_proposal A photograph can say more about a place than simple words or latitude can.  Why is this? Photography is a window into the past, recent or non, where we can view a moment captured forever in a picture.  We believe photographs capture not only images and visual cues that stand out in our minds, [...]

Project 1 Proposal: Human.Link

- Dylan Box, Nicholas Peters, Joshua Winters A large part of “place” at the University of Michigan is the building of community. Through student groups and cross-disciplinary classes, the University seeks to build connections between people across areas of study, sex, race, cultural or economic backgrounds, and more. However, most community and connection building are still personal choices. [...]

Project 1 Proposal – Augmented Reality Interactions

EECS 498 – Adaptive Art Our project idea is to place two random individuals across a distance, and place them next to each other in virtual space, and allow them to interact with each other. This removes distance and physical barriers that one would normally associate with a physical place, and creates an augmented reality for people [...]