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Flickr Michigan

Andrew Hainen, Syed Karim, Nikhil Mangla The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real. Lucian Freud Concept: Our idea was to use images from the image hosting website – Flickr to express the diversity at the University of Michigan. The way we go about is that [...]

Place Out of Picture

Place Out of Picture by Joe Mitchell, Nick Beier, Landon Smith, and Sam Schulak Concept: Our project started as an attempt to remove the location of a place from the picture. By taking the difference between successive frames in a webcam feed overlooking the northwest corner of the diag, we would remove the stationary elements [...]

Project 1 – Image Story

Cassandra Yaple, Joshua Wehrly, Stephen Wishnousky 1. Description: a. Concept: Our project went through many iterations before we came up with the final result.  Conceptually it is supposed to challenge the ideas of space and time, as it captures the movements of people who step in front of the camera and continues to render those [...]

Project 1-Virtual Graffiti

Summary: Our project is really awesome. It allows you to share a virtual drawing board and create a piece of art collaboratively, on a virtual canvas. The project is created by taking the input of two webcams and cutting out the background, showing only the user in the foreground. The two users (the extracted foregrounds) [...]

Project 1 – ClassHub

Project 1 – ClassHub Dylan Box Nicholas Peters Joshua Winters Description ClassHub is a two-dimensional, data visualization  engine which dynamically presents University of Michigan-related class data.  This version of ClassHub features interactive building nodes, containing an elegant array of courses occurring at the present moment in time. Technical – Java – Processing – Office of [...]

Project 1 – Internet Mapping

Authors: Matthew Conlen, Michael Gisi, Lauren Korany I. Description Our original concept looked like this: and was described in this post: a. Conceptual For this project we explore the concept of a place of origin, and its neighbors. If we think of the earth as a two-dimensional plane, classically, we think of neighbors as [...]

Define Michigan

Andy Kish, Evan Moss, Alyssa Ackerman Interested in the concept of pixel resolution and defining Michigan through atypical forms of data, we began discussing what defines a place. We thought of news headlines and economic information as well as crime rates and weather reports. This guided us in an opposite direction, a direction that would [...]