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Project 2 Proposal

Andrew Hainen, Nikhil Mangla, Syed Wajahat Karim Basic Idea: Our hope is to make a machine that learns the qualities of any song that we play it.  Then, it would express the correct human-response/emotion based on what the song is like. For example, if we play The Beatles “Twist and Shout”, then the computer would [...]

Project 2 Proposal Twitter Haiku

Haikus are one of the oldest forms of expression; they date back to ancient Japanese culture.  Twitter is a new form of social media that has become the pinnacle of pop culture.  Using machine learning and Markov chains, our project will computationally generate haikus from twitter feeds.  Our main goal is to make haikus that [...]

Project 2 Proposal: Assumptions

Yang Gao, Joshua Wehrly, Stephen Wishnousky Human beings are assumption machines.  We make assumptions about other people based on stereotypes, beliefs every single day.  What would happen if you were to create a piece of software that held the stereotypes and the beliefs of a whole community?  What assumptions might it make?  We intend to [...]

Project 2 Proposal “Global Perspective”

Global Perspective by Joe Mitchell, Landon Smith, Stephanie Boxold This project will use RSS news feeds from several news sources from around the world, classify the headlines, and represent the whole thing visually in a relatively positioned global scale.  Ann Arbor will be centered in the display, with new from europe, asia, the middle east, [...]

Audio as Organism

Check out the powerpoint…  but more or less, the project will absorb audio input and attempt to reproduce it via synthesis, and mutate the results as a continuously developing musical piece; this development will be visualized. audioasorganism <– power point beatDetectOutputTest <– processing sketch w/ input: audio file & output: percussive score as .csv Sources: [...]


Alyssa Ackerman and Andy Kish Project Two is largely based on confidence. We will use machine learning to teach our flex sensors what stances are confident and what stances are not. Throughout the day, these sensors will be attached to the body of an individual and will be tracking his posture. The program will classify [...]

Project 2 Proposal: Possessive Programming

-Dylan Box, Nick Peters, Josh Winters Powerpoint Presentation The evolution and development of emotional machines is a crucial step in producing both computer AI and the robots that go with them. Adding and trying to develop emotion in computer programming can help further connect humans to machines as well as paving the way for machines [...]

Project 2 Proposal_ Judgement

Group members: Matthew Conlen, Michael Gisi, Lauren Korany For project 2 we would like to comment on the concept of judging based on physical characteristics. Based on a cultural norm of ‘attractiveness’, we hope to explore the nature of ratings through performance/interactive art. By using classifying code to implement machine learning, we can create a [...]

Project 2 Proposal “Creepy Computer”

AA project 2 (presentation slides) Our project deals with the interpretation of human emotion by a computer.  To be specific, it deals with the interpretation and categorization of facial expressions. In learning to identify facial expressions, images and words are shown to an audience and they are asked to react appropriately with their faces.  Our [...]