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Audio Wall

Joshua Wehrly, Steve Wishnousky, Cassandra Yaple Context Our project transforms the physical interactions of the users into auditory sensory feedback. The user enters the environment either aware that there may be something there, or just by haphazardly entering the space and triggering sound. In either way, the experience from then on is exploratory, as the [...]


Mike Gisi, Matt Conlen, Lauren Korany Context This project is meant to explore an aspect of surveillance in modern society. The subject, a single person viewing the piece, enters a room with 3 TVs mounted on adjacent walls. The center TV will be displaying a video feed of the subject from a security camera, while [...]

8-Bit Sequencer

8-Bit Sequencer Matthew Conlen, Michael Gisi, Lauren Korany Summary The 8-bit sequencer is a self-contained Arduino-powered music sequencer.  We aimed to showcase the sonic capabilities of the Arduino in a way that was as interactive as possible.  The user selects one of seven instruments using the three selection buttons on the device.  Sixteen notes are [...]

Pouring Messages (Update)

Nikhil Mangla, Syed Wajahat Karim, Andrew Hainen Recap Our group is designing bottles that a user can pour different sounds between them.  Our project is based off of the concepts seen at: Materials So far, our goals have been outlined into specific areas based on the technology we are using.  For the project, the [...]

Project 3 Update – Twitter Poetry

Group members: Kevin Shih, Yang Gao, Adam Kidder The twitter haiku project has received a suite of updates. First, there is a new background animation for the current tweets, which appears like a tornado of sorts: There is also an updated English detection function, which tries to match each tweet with 100 to 200 [...]